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Broiler automatic feeding equipment, broiler manual winch introduction

*BC-1200: It can be used to raise feeding line, Qinshui line, fan, curtain and other livestock equipment and other equipment; gear material is made of manganese steel, heat treatment; surface sprayed and galvanized; bushing is made of oil-impregnated copper base Powder metallurgy, no lubrication during use.

*BC-1500 -BC-1500B : The winch can be used in the form of worm gear drive. Once the drive is stopped, the suspension will immediately stop to the position. The middle two-wire rope drum can be used to lift the suspension in both directions at the same time. BC- The 1500 can be mounted to the ceiling and driven by an electric or hand crank. The BC-1500 is driven by a handle. The worm gear is made of high carbon steel and heat treated.

1500LBS Hand winch



*BC-3000 BC-3500; used for large and medium-sized livestock equipment such as lifting stock; elevated installation, can be driven by hand or electric drive rod.

3000LBS Hand winch


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