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How to manage the diet of laying hens?

There are many factors in the management of laying hens. Today, we talk about diet management, that is, eating and drinking.

Drinking water: Water and feed are very important, but the consequences of water shortage are more serious than lack of feed, because the metabolism and effect of water is much faster. Water is important for regulating body temperature, nutrient functioning, digestion, absorption, and waste removal. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the management of drinking water. The water content of normal eggs is over 70%, and each chicken needs 250-360 ml of water per day. Poor water quality can also lead to lower egg production and egg quality and egg weight. Therefore, laying hens should be timely supplied with adequate and clean drinking water that meets drinking water standards. Try to use nipple-type drinking fountains. They should be wiped daily and disinfected regularly. In addition, when drinking water, it can be simultaneously immunized, that is, drinking water is immune. At this time, the selected water should be free of chlorine, organic matter and disinfectant.

Eat: the laying hens are fed mostly by dry powder and also with granular feed. The feeding times are usually 1~2 times a day. A lot of mechanized chicken farms are fed mechanically. If only one day is fed, the general time is Better at 3 pm and if two times are fed, it is usually before 9 am and after 3 pm The average daily intake of laying hens was 100~120 grams.

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