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How Do You Install A Pig's Drinking Water Bowl?

According to the observation of the farmers, pigs need to drink more than 15 times every day if they eat raw materials, and they need to drink water almost without a few mouthpieces. In order to ensure that pigs grow healthy, to let the pig to drink plenty of water, then the pig wants to ensure adequate drinking water, we need to be able to give them free drinking water in the water supply to the pig, so it is needed to set up the pig with drinking fountains.

General to the livestock drinking bowl is roughly divided into two kinds, the drinking fountains are often used in rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, and adult rabbits, rabbit, pig, a nipple, a duckbill type.

How do you install the water bowl?

How to split the 1. drinking water heater installation see: first to fix its height, then need to use six MM water pipe is connected with the rabbit drinking water pipe connected to the lower end of the three pass, and then use the plastic pipe diameter is eight mm and three are connected in series with the help of three. Give them to connect. In this way, a drinking water system is formed.

2., the installation of the integrated drinking water device is as follows: the upper and lower needs of eight slightly thick water pipes and three links must be connected. Then the sample will become a production line with simple installation.

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