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The rabbit equipment includes: rabbit drinkers, rabbit feeders, rabbit nests, and related accessories. Suitable for use of various rabbits, such as female rabbits, long-haired rabbits and commercial rabbits. A variety of styles available, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.
    • Rabbit Water Nipple
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      Rabbit Water Nipple

      Description: One set of rabbit nipple drinker includes the nipple, fixed spring and connection tee. Connect 8 mm diameter water pipes. It's easy to use, just connect it to a hose line and hang it on a rabbit cage.Read More
    • Automatic Rabbit Drinking Bowl
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      Automatic Rabbit Drinking Bowl

      Description: The main body of the automatic rabbit water bowl is made of high quality stainless steel, and the surface is polished. With a splint design. Suitable for all kinds of wire diameter cages, can be adjusted up and down freely, firm and stable. Specifications:...Read More
    • Automatic Rabbit Water Cup
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      Automatic Rabbit Water Cup

      Description: The rabbit drinking cup is made of high quality plastic. There are a variety of styles, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. It is suitable for daily water supply of various rabbits such as female rabbits, long-haired rabbits and...Read More
    • Automatic Rabbit Drinker With Metal Edging
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      Automatic Rabbit Drinker With Metal Edging

      Description: In particular, the metal edging is added to the edge of the drinking bowl to prevent the rabbit's bite. Specifications: Features: ● High quality plastic material, anti-aging and anti-wear. ● Metal edging design, resistant to bites. ● With a sewage outlet,...Read More
    • Rabbit Hopper Feeder
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      Rabbit Hopper Feeder

      Description: This rabbit hopper feeder is assembled from three pieces of galvanized sheet and two plastic side plates by screws. The top is designed as a funnel-type feed port, which avoids the leakage of feed caused by the feeding of the female rabbit or the rabbit in the...Read More
    • Galvanized Rabbit Feeder
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      Galvanized Rabbit Feeder

      Description: Made of high quality galvanized steel. Funnel-style design for easy feeding. Cost-effective. It is suitable for large-scale breeding of small animals such as rabbit breeding, pet rabbits and Dutch pigs.Read More
    • Rabbit Nest Box
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      Rabbit Nest Box

      Description: The plastic rabbit nest box is the most important equipment in rabbit breeding field. The mother rabbit breeds baby in it. The nest box is hung at the door of the rabbit cage. When the baby rabbit feeds, mother rabbit jumps into the nest box and jumps back into...Read More
    • Rabbit Nest Tray
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      Rabbit Nest Tray

      Description: The rabbit nesting tray is made of high quality polypropylene material, with plastic injection process. The bottom is designed with holes for good air permeability. Easy to use and convenient. Economical, cost-effective. Effectively reduce farming costs.Read More
    • Rabbit Nest Perforated Bottom
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      Rabbit Nest Perforated Bottom

      Description: The rabbit perforated base is suitable for use in a nest box. Keep warm and moisture-proof, which is good for the health of rabbits.Read More
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