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The poultry equipment provided by our company mainly includes: poultry drinking water equipment, poultry feeding equipment, poultry breeding system accessories, and poultry transportation cages. The material and processing technology of the products are performed according to standards.
    • Poultry Plastic Drinking Barrel
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      Poultry Plastic Drinking Barrel

      The poultry water drinking barrel is made of high-quality plastic material PP or PE. Suitable for water drinking of chickens, ducks, geese, birds, etc. A variety of capacity products for selection, color can be customized.Read More
    • Poultry Automatic Bell Drinker
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      Poultry Automatic Bell Drinker

      The poultry automatic bell water drinker is also known as automatic plasson drinker or poultry bell drinker. It is made of high-quality plastic material PP or PE. Suitable for automatic water drinking of flat net farming, cage farming, or mountain free-range farming of...Read More
    • Poultry Mini Automatic Drinker
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      Poultry Mini Automatic Drinker

      Description: The poultry mini automatic water drinker is also known chick automatic drinker, chicks drinker. It is easy to install, easy to use and easy to clean. It can be applied to the brooding period of laying hens, broilers, ducks and geese.Read More
    • Galvanised Poultry Drinker
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      Galvanised Poultry Drinker

      Description: The galvanized chicken drinker is constructed with galvanized steel. Galvanized before manufacture. With hanging handle for easy use. Suitable for use with most poultry and waterfowl.Read More
    • Poultry Waterer Cup
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      Poultry Waterer Cup

      Description: This product is produced using high quality plastic raw materials. Cartridge detachable design, ball valve spring switch. Standard connection thread for direct connection to the drinking water pipe or for connection via a PVC tee. It is suitable for drinking...Read More
    • Poultry Drinking Cups
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      Poultry Drinking Cups

      The main body of the poultry drinking cups is made of high-quality materials PP or ABS. The cup is used in combination with the water nipples, and the poultry can drink the leaking water through following cup, which is the first choice to reduce the cost of breeding in the...Read More
    • Poultry Water Nipple Drinker
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      Poultry Water Nipple Drinker

      The main body of the drinking nipples is made of high-quality materials PP or ABS. The metal part is made of high-quality stainless steel, non-rusty. Color can be customized.Read More
    • Poultry Water Nipple
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      Poultry Water Nipple

      Description: The poultry water nipples include ball valve nipple and conical valve nipple. The outer shell of the nipple is made of high strength POM, PP, ABS, or stainless steel. The internal steel parts are made of high quality stainless steel, anti-magnetization and rust...Read More
    • Poultry Water Pressure Regulator
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      Poultry Water Pressure Regulator

      Description: The poultry water pressure regulator is made of high-quality plastic material. Suitable for decompression of automatic water drinking system such as chicken and rabbit.Read More
    • Poultry Water Filter
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      Poultry Water Filter

      Description: The Poultry drinking water filter is made of high-quality plastic material PP or ABS. Suitable for chicken, duck, goose, quail and other poultry automatic water supply system of water purification. With standard connection 3/4”. 25mm diameter PVC water pipe is...Read More
    • Poultry PVC Water Pipe
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      Poultry PVC Water Pipe

      The poultry water pipe is made of high quality material PVC. With anti-pressure, anti-oxidation, health and durability features. Suitable for the layout of drinking water line in chicken, duck, goose and so on.Read More
    • Poultry Drinking Line Accessories
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      Poultry Drinking Line Accessories

      Description: Poultry drinking line accessories include: water pipe holding card, water pipe hanging wire clip, nylon rope buckle, lifting height adjustment plate, water pipe fixing S hook and so on. The material is made of high quality polypropylene. Suitable for poultry...Read More
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